AGP 4x vs. AGP 8x what to buy?


Nov 5, 2003
I have a Motherboard with the Intel 845PE chipset (Dell Deminsion 4550) that has a system clock on 533 MHz and says it can handle 4x/@x modes at 1.5V AGP bus protocols. Right now I have a 256 DDR SDRAM and a GeForce 4 MX 440.

I want to upgrade the machine (I use it to play Dark Ages of Camelot Online). Right now I am getting lots of hard drive chugging (swap files most likely). So I am going to upgrade the Memory with a 512 Simm (any ideas would be greatly appreciated) and the Video card.

I was thinking of spending @$100US and was wondering what to do. Do I go with a Raedon 9200 or something of the like that is AGP 8x and Direct x 9.0 compliant. Or go with a GeForce TI 4200 that is AGP 4x and Direct x8.1. Or some other route?

Thanks in advance.


The Geforce4 Ti is far superior to the 9200.

8x AGP offers no real performance increase over 4x AGP.

Chipset's and Bandwidth are the name of the game as far as performanbce goes, and the Geforce4 Ti has both of those in great abundance compared to the 9200.

By the way, the 9200 is directX 8.1 compliant. To get a DirectX 9 card, you have to go Radeon 9500 or higher.

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