agp 8x graphics card on agp 4x slot ?


Jan 12, 2004
Hi, i have a motherboard with a 4x agp slot and i'd like to buy a new graphics card based on the 1/2004 comparison test here on tomshardware (

Are all 8x graphics cards backwards compatible ?
How much does the use of a agp 8x graphics card in a agp 4x slot decrease it's performance compared to using it in an agp 8x slot ?
Am i better off buying a graphics card which only supports up to 4x agp (since they are cheaper) ?


get the 8x it will work they are backwards compatible.
You wont see any performance drop.
is cheaper always better? no. get the 8x now since most cards support it. When 8x is needed youll already have it. But by then there will be cards 10 times better than what you got.
You 'MAY' see a diff. but it will be minor and only in truely special cases.

As for 8X being 'needed' by the time that is the case it will be all about the PCI-EX cards. 8X has about a year's life left in it, if that.

Of course that's just my two frames worth.

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All are 4x compatable with no noticable loss in performance.

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