AGP and Win2k Problem



Please, can anyone help me with this problem...??????

I recently upgraded to win2k and everything works
great except that I can't get my ATI expert2000 AGP video
card to work. (works fine in win98SE)
I am using an old ATI PCI card and it works fine but as soon
as I change to the AGP card windows crashes at start-up everytime. I am using a A7V mobo with a 1005a bios update but nothing helps. Could someone help me with this...? Please

I tried... Windows2K SP1
ASUS AGP via fix
Bios 1004 and 1005a update
Win2k Via AGP fix
The ATIrage128-W2k beta driver (which I can't install because I can't boot into windows with the AGP card in the computer)
Asus A7V (1005a)
thunderbird 800
256mb sdram @100
350W power
Ati all-in wonder PCI (works fine)
ATI Expert2000 AGP (doesn't work)
Maxtor ATA66 10G
IBM ATA100 30G
Windows 2000 Pro (with SP1)


Ok never mind.... I was able to fix the problem after only two weeks of pulling out my hair....
thanks anyways

buya grandma buya!!!!!


It was the drivers after all. And I had to boot in win safe mode with the AGP card in, and install the new rage128 beta drivers. (without the use of the mouse...)But I managed to navigate with the keyboard and install the driver.
Works great now, no other problems.... yet!!!! ha ha!