AGPTEK Video Card


Feb 24, 2004

I recently bought an AGPTEK GF FX5200 128 mB DDR TVDVI, Ver.F video card on E-bay. When I researched AGP's webste, it looks like they are so new or tiny that there is no support or download info yet.
Is there a standard set of data for drivers and overclocking that I can use as a guide?

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Just use the NVidia drivers from there sight.
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I'd say probably the newest ones, unless you want to try the 4403's just for older games and 3dmark2001 testing.

With those drivers installed, enable coolbits
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in the registry, and you can see the clock speeds and try overclocking. Just bump up the core and the memory 5MHz at a time and run some 3d benchmarks to stress the card. If you see any abnormalities at all (artifacts), then you know you hit your limit. So back the speeds back down 10 MHz and you should be fine. As far as what speeds you can get, it all depends on the card. The FX5200 stock speeds vary greatly from card to card, so also will the max overclocks.

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