Question AI SUITE 2 error


Aug 16, 2017
Hello Everyone,
I have a ASUS Sabertooth X79. I was very eager to get AI SUITE 2 but there was no version for windows 10, so I just decided to download windows 8.1 version. It was installing and then all of a sudden my pc crashed. I turned it back on it booted up just fine but then, i got a pop up error saying Access violation at address 47A049A0. Read of address 47A049AO. Now this error comes on everytime I boot up my pc. I can close it and continue start continuing to use my pc, but it makes me anxious and I would like to get rid of this error. I have a feeling AI SUITE 2 is launching on my pc everytime I turn on my pc but as it is the wrong operating system an error comes (I think this is the case, im not a 100% sure). So I was wondering how I could completely wipe out AI SUITE 2 from my computer. By the way i went on add or remove programs and checked there the program AI SUITE 2 is there neither the Installer or uninstaller. I did the same inside the control panel. Also the AI SUITE 2 also installed things like thermal radar, digi power control ETC. I am using Windows 10 pro. A lot of people suggested me this link , but its says I have to reinstall the program and I cant do that because there is no windows 10 option for AI SUITE 2. And if I did try to install another windows versions of AI SUITE 2 my computer crashes like what happened earlier. What do you think I should do? Any help would be highly and greatly appreciated.


Win 10 Master
try this
on the logon screen, open the power menu on bottom right of screen
while holding the left shift key, click restart button
this restarts windows in windows recovery

lets see if we can use system restore to roll system back to a date before AI suite was installed, that might fix it
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
Choose System restore
If you lucky there is a date here prior to AI Suites installation. If you pick it, PC will restart and roll its settings back to that date, removing AI suite and anything else installed at that time.