AI Suite 3

Aug 16, 2018
[Firstly I am sorry for my bad english.]
I have some trobles with AI suite 3 . When I go to turbov EVO it only show me my graphics card. But I wanted to overclock my cpu . What is wrong and what can I do ?
Thanks for answering.
You're better off overclocking from the BIOS rather than from a Windows utility. In any case, you might want to post full system specs. If you are running an Intel chip that isn't a 'k' SKU or don't have a Z series chipset motherboard, then you can't overclock the CPU anyway.

No you can't overclock your CPU, for that generation you'd need an i5 6600k or i7 6700k and a Z170 motherboard. There were a small selection of motherboards that did allow overclocking of the locked chips using a special BIOS, but Intel demanded those be taken down and I don't think the H110M-K was one of those motherboards.