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Question Aight, somewhat noob question, will a 400W PSU with an RX 570 make smoke?


Feb 2, 2014
Upgrading an OEM system, an acer TG-885 with an i5-8400 in it, and I have a 400w 80+ PSU with a 300W rating on the 12v rails (18 and 16A I think) It's probably a pseudo multi rail but who knows. Tried putting an RX 570 in it, and while I've had no stability issues, the wattmeter had a maximum of 355W from the wall using furmark+ cpu burner, so assuming 80% that's 284W, I probably should find something a little beefier then? opinions are welcome. I have a line on an Antec PSU with a 360W 12v rail, and since the outervision PSU calc wants ~ a 407W psu it might be a better idea before the blue smoke that powers computers leaks out.
The RX 570 can consume over 200w at load. Do note, that with lower quality psu's, the closer to max load, the worse the voltage stability, ripple,etc. At the minimum, a decent 450w unit. For more peace of mind, a decent 550w.

You located stateside?