Question AIO causing system instability?


Mar 15, 2014
I installed an EVGA CLC 360 recently. It was my first foray in to liquid cooling, and I’ve had nothing but problems since. On at least a dozen occasions, the system registers either a DRAM or CPU error and won’t boot properly.

At this point I’m beyond trying to troubleshoot it. I’ve played around with every possible configuration of the fans & pump being plugged in to different headers. I’ve had the block tight, loose, and in the middle. When it was able to boot, I had things at as stock of settings as they can get. None of it made much of a difference. Once I put my stock Wraith cooler back on there? Steady as can be.

So the unit I bought is going back. At this point I’m just trying to figure out whether my troubles were user error (as in, despite following all provided instructions I somehow installed the thing so improperly that it brought my whole system down), or if this type of thing is coming to AIO’s (either the EVGA brand specifically, or in general).