Question AIO Choice - Deepcool 360 EX or RGB V2?

Jayant Arora

Mar 2, 2014
I'm into RGB that i admit and choice here is a bit confusing.
I'm bound to buy Deepcool AIO since all my attempts to build a CLC this year went south due to the thing that shall not be named.
In my country inventory is short with PC hardware, things like nzxt, corsair, thermaltake are taxed 40% more now and arctic never been able to born, so only affordable option i have is to choose deepcool :
1 Castle 360 RGB v2 - Has Non-Modifiable Logo, fixed RGB CPU Block ,RGB Fans 1800rpm@69.34 CFM FAN 32dba
2 Castle 360 EX - Has Modifiable and rotatable RGB CPU Block, Black FANS 1800rpm@64.2 CFM FAN 30dba

As per company specification RGB V2 is slightly better in performance theoretically.

I will be doing push / pull with antec prizm fans in any given case so given differences [4-5] on CFM may not matter.
I have a lian li O11D case and i will be setting rad sideways i doubt the logo on RGB v2 block will not be settled straight with optimum pipe configuration in my case[ i have seen in one review].

It boils down to Rotatable CPU block VS RGB Fans. What you guys think ?



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