Question Aio cooler is not cooling well anymore

Apr 14, 2022
I built my pc about 2 months ago and at first everything seemed to work fine. But a few days ago my desk started vibrating while using my pc and after some investigation i realised that it was my aio cooler that was vibrating. Soon after that the pc also crashed due to too high cpu temperatures. Since that happened my cpu has been at around 20° celsius higher than it was before. And under heavy load my pc crashes. About the same time as the cooling got worse the rgb on the aio cooler fans also stopped working properly, in case these problems have something to do with each other.

Therefore, I'm wondering if this is due to something in the aio cooler that has broken or if the installation process of the aio has been faulty, which I kind of doubt because I feel like it is weird that the problem would occur 2 months after building it and not earlier if it was a faulty installation, and yes I did install thermal paste. I also feel like it has broken because the lighting problem occured at about the same time. But since I am not an expert in this topic I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about what the problem is and how I could solve it or if I should replace the cooler.

Any help is much appreciated!

My pc specs:
CPU Cooler: Arctic liquid freezer II 240mm a-rgb
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
GPU: pny 3070 ti
RAM: kingston fury 3600mhz 2x8gb rgb
Motherboard: Msi b550-a pro
Storage: WDBlue sn570 1tb
PSU: Aerocool aero bronze 750w fully modular
OS: Windows 10 home, version: 21H2


You should be contacting Arctic support first about the cooler problem. Support should walk you through troubleshooting, and set you up towards getting another one if no progress is made.

Priorities were a bit backwards - listed a LF II AIO, a 5800X, a 3070Ti, but no great psu to match...
Reviews are practically non-existent for this Aero Bronze 750, save for 1, but I'm not fluent in French. A tier list has it at C-rank, but that's just speculation until more info is available - if there ever will be.

Then again, maybe the cooler issue and psu are connected :unsure:
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Apr 24, 2011
I agree with Phaaze, contact Arctic support. They may get you a replacement and that will be your answer on whether its a cooler issue.

Aerocool PSU are decent so it may not be that, but to Phaaze's point, if the cooler gets replaced and is not the issue you could try buying another PSU to test.
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