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Feb 29, 2020
Hi, I was thinking of getting an AIO (any 240mm), & I was just wondering if it is mounted on the top as intake and I have 2 fans in the front and 1 front in the back. What would be the ideal fan configuration? Its just because I'm not really sure about intake or exhaust so for example should all the fans other than the AIO be exhaust or have 1 of them as intake



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what case are you using? If its not a known brand, photos will help (upload to an image sharing website and show links here)

Generally, if people put the AIO on top of case they use it as exhaust and have the intakes on front of case. The rear fan is normally exhaust as well or not needed.

Or you have the AIO at front of case actiing as intake and have the fans on top as exhaust - that is what I have. i have 2 in top and one at back, probably don't need 3 but I see how summer goes this year. It doesn't seem to affect cooling that much.
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What is the make/model of your case?
What parts inside need to be cooled?

In a case with sufficient room, you will find that a top air cooler will do the cooling job as well as a 240 aio.
Air will cost less, be more reliable, quieter, and easier to install.
AIO coolers do not last forever, plan on replacing in 5 years.
And, while uncommon, air will never leak.

Now to answer your question, pick your poison.
If you want the best cpu cooling, mount the radiator to intake fresh air.
Front or top. I might pick front.
The down side is that the hot radiator air will be used for gpu cooling as well as motherboard vrm cooling.
If the need for maximal cpu cooling is not great, mounting the radiator on top exhausting air would be a better choice
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