Question AIO is randomly losing power ?

Jun 14, 2022
Hi, my 2 year old (first POST and windows install March 8 2020) PCs AIO has begun acting up in the past few weeks, randomly loosing power and failing during heavy gaming sessions.
  • The Common indicator of this is the USB disconnect noise as the system loses the connection to the pump, followed by a extreme spike in temperatures.
  • The Decorative EVGA led on the pump stops lighting and the two Radiator fans stop turning.
  • this has yet to happen during idle loads.
  • This has happened twice in the same day and a total of 5 times in the past 7 days.
  • This issue instantly resolves when i restart the PC, until it occurs again.

  • I have yet to have the CPU overheat long enough to shutdown the PC but its only a matter of time before it goes unnoticed.
I have yet to have the CPU overheat long enough to shutdown the PC but its only a matter of time before it goes unnoticed.
This has also seen a few other odd behaviors, such as a single Case fan losing PWM control and deciding to go full bore, unresponsive to software controls. however this only occurred once and resolved on Restart.

The night before this started there was a lightning strike within a mile that managed to trigger the lights on my USB mouse, requiring me to turn on the PC to cycle the Keyboard and mouse to get to turn back off. I do not know if this is releated.

The AIO is a EVGA CLC 280mm.

Computer specs:
Gigabyte Aurous z390 Pro Wifi
Zotac 3080ti Amp Holo
2 NVME ssds (1tb & 2tb)
2 Noctua IPPC 140mm Case fans (front intake) + one 140mm Coolermaster Case fan (rear exaust)
Seagate 850gold
Randon DvD drive from older computer.

Seriously Considering putting in a Noctua NH-D15 and running the CPU fans off a seperate Controller atm if i cannot determine AIO failure or Mobo Failure. The AIO has preformed well and never allowed my CPU above 60c. I am trying the second SYS_pump header on my motherboard and seeing if it fails there. Also Considering buying a Molex to 3/4pin adapter and plugging the Pump directly into the PSU to test if it fails reguardless of where it is plugged in.
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Jun 14, 2022
i am on stage 2, direct PSU power. (using an adaptor)

During todays gaming session i had multiple monitors up and one of them showed that nearly 2/3 of my hardware temp monitors briefly read at 0. curious to see if this could trigger, pulled up SIV and changed the sensor on the assoicated pump header to one that reads n/a. this instantly cut power to the AIO, which came back (at minimum performance) when i returned it to the prior setting.

i then restarted and decided to try a calibration test on the fans in SIV. when the fans ramped down from top speed the AIO again cut out and this time would not come back regardless of what i did settings wise. restarted and went into bios and the AIO was still MIA so i fully powered the PC off and flipped the PSU to fully clear it.. the AIO came back this time (by this point the coolant was near 38c).

it seems the issue occurs any time there is a significant enough power drop in the power from the moboheader. anything that drops below 100% prevents the EVGA flow control from properly working as it is, but unlike some AIOs which can run directly off of the PSU, this AIO and the 2 fans it controls are all powered by a MOBO header. using an adapter to power directly off the PSU does work however, and the AIO does maintain previous settings applied in EVGA flow control.

i am not sure if this is a MOBO issue or a issue where the AIO is dying still. Guess if it happens on PSU power i will finally have my answer.

if not i will be nervous/annoyed for months to come until i finally forget it was ever a issue.