Question AIO loud after 5600X Upgrade


Dec 31, 2007
So I recently just upgraded the processor in my rig from the R5 2600 to the R5 5600X. I am running the same everything else, including the Asus X470-Pro Prime motherboard and the NZXT Kraken X52 AIO cooler. With my old 2600 processor, I rarely, if ever, heard the fans on my cooler ramping up. However, since swapping over to the 5600X I hear the fans ramping up fairly regularly. I am constantly monitoring the temps and the highest I have ever seen my processor get to is 61-62 degrees C, and a majority of the time, depending on load, it's running high 40s to mid 50s. So I feel like it's cooling just fine, but it seems to really fluctuate and even in the lower idle modes, I can hear the fans running.

Is this just normal with this chip? Does it run that much hotter that my AIO just has to work that much harder to stay cool? Would a different cooler net me better results?
Ryzen's always done this but it started being a problem with Zen 2 (3000 series) processors. Ryzen CPU's boost agressively from idle and since Ryzen CPU's have dozens of temp sensors all over the CPU it will spike temp in one tiny area at a time.

It's those spikes that a tight fan curve will follow, so loosen the curve to ignore the spikes. AIO's are perfect for this since they use water with an immense capacity to absorb heat. I run a low, unaudible, fan speed with my 240mm AIO until the CPU temp gets to about 80C before I start ramping up the fans to something mildly audible.

I'm letting the water absorb the heat and only at 90C will I let the fans start getting really noticeable. My CPU (a PBO'd 3700X) stays in the mid 70's even when rendering videos for two hours, fans dead quiet the whole time.

It's perfectly OK to ignore the spikes; look instead at the average temp to see the processor's true thermal status. You can see the average core temp with a utility like HWInfo64.
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Feb 24, 2020
Ive been running a 5600X for awhile now and to be honest, Im surprised how cool the thing stays, Im using a be quiet dark rock slim which I never hear ramp up or down.