Question Aio pump issue ?


Feb 2, 2014
Hi I have a Corsair H100i GTX
What has been happening is my temps have been going between 95c to 100c.
Also my ghz is between 2.2 and 2.5

The cpu is i5-3600
motherboard is MSI Z170A SLI Plus LGA 1151

Any help would be nice this would be my first aio that i have ever had
Please clarify your CPU.

Those temps are abnormally high and if sustained will diminish your CPU.
The H100i should easily cope with stock frequency so something is wrong with the AIO pump, the HSF Interface or an excessively high Core voltage in Bios.

What are you using to determine CPU temp?
Check your AIO pump to see if there is heat in the Tubes or the pump has a distinctive hum. Have you possibly overtightened the hold down clamps?.
What have you used for TIM?
Which version Bios and chipset are you on?


Dec 8, 2019
it could be your fan curve, especially if you have the pump connected to a CPU FAN header. with AIO's the pump should run close to 100% and the Radiator fan should float closer to the typical CPU fan settings to get ideal cooling. if in doubt you can even connect the pump to a SYS FAN header and leave it at 90-100%, connect the radiator fan to a CPU fan header.

also make sure you've taken the plastic film off the pump block. (and have proper contact w/CPU as mentioned) - reapply thermal paste if needed

another tip is to make sure all air is out of the pump prior to installation by keeping the radiator well above the pump and jiggling the pump a bit so as much of the air gets to flow to the radiator. then install the pump (and radiator) with hoses facing down if possible.
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