Aio watercooling overheating on boot.

Sep 10, 2018
I have recently purchased a deepcool 240 aio water cooler. I installed it and it worked fine.
I decided to move the radiator to the front of my case today and after moving it I booted my system and it shut off as I was booting into windows. After trying to boot again it shut off before I reached bios so I reset my cmos. This time I went straight to bios and watched my cpu temps climb from 60 to 90 in a few seconds before it shut back off.
I made sure my pump/fans were connected and tried again to another shutoff. I decided to try and reseat the waterblock and after doing that and still not being able to boot I just took it out and put back on my old 212 evo and it booted fine.
I assumed my pump failed but upon plugging it into my fan controller and turning it to 100 I can hear the pump and hear moving water. I can hear it on lower settings as well.

Any ideas as to why it is overheating so quickly if water is moving?

It worked perfectly and held my cpu to around 45-50c on load until I moved the radiator.