Question Air Card for my Dell i9 Cassini

Mar 25, 2020
Guys its been 20 years since I have been on a hardware forum. Needs have changed and I have a need for more freedom and less accessories on my rig. My current rig is a i9 Gen9 r5 17" Cassini(dell). My rig is in need of a hardwired aircard installed just like a modem. When i was in Ukraine "Air Cards" worked just like Cash Phones but you paid for gigs of Broadband.

I write Full/Half Stack Java(since it was first SUN) some graphics, cad and some web stuff so the processing power is necessary as well as full-speed- the on-the-go-internet. This mobile-hotspot stuff is +)((&&^&&%^%$#^%%$^&^()*&_) as the censors would say.

Killer E2500 GIGABIT Ethernet Controller is the router card I have now but I need one that I can stick an ATT or Verizon SIM card into. My PC Model C4VMSN2

Your first step is to select a mobile broadband provider that you feel can provide good service and has a plan that meets your data needs and costs.

Like cell phones these type of devices do not function on all provider networks. You many times need different model numbers for different providers.

You best option tends to be to buy them from the ISP themselves. They should have a list of devices they will activate on their network. It can vary in different parts of the country because the same ISP may have difference radio channels licensed on different towers.

You are likely looking for a USB modem rather than a hotspot. Not sure which units might be better than others in many cases you do not have much selection that the ISP will allow you to use.