Air cooling. What is better?


Jul 6, 2008
What is more superior? Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer or the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 or Thermalright IFX-14 Heatpipe CPU Heatsink Cooler


May 23, 2008

I can vouch for the core contact freezer. Right off the bat my idle core temps are 30C:30C, a 10C drop on each core. With a 24-hour Orthos blend test (E8400 @3800mhz, 1.275vcore) the highest temps reported during the entire run were 47C:50C (Using realtemp). Average temps during the test were 43-46ish. I bought it from for about $42

Just be sure you have adequate room; I got lucky and was just able to squeeze this cooler into my mobo\case. The installation mechanism is very nice. One thing I was looking for in a cpu cooler is one that didn't attach with those cheesy clips (like the stock intel cooler). The core contact freezer has a black bracket you put around the base of the CPU socket, then you slide pins through each hole and it secures it in there very tightly. I am very impressed with the ease of installation as well as how secure the cooler is mounted. I accidentally had it mounted in the wrong direction the first time around and the pins easily came out and I was able to easily change the orientation of the heatsink.

My my wires are a bit messy. I'm in the process of selecting a SATA dvd-rw as well as getting shorter SATA cables for my hard-drives.

As you can see, the heatsink just clears my RAM and my northbridge heatsink. Installing this in that tight spot was tough because I could barely get my fingers in to attach the clips.





120mm intake fan blowing directly into cpu fan:

CPU fan speed controller is include with the cooler, I leave it cranked @ 100%. Others have reported it is noisy but I can't hear anything over my 120mm intake fan :x