Dec 20, 2018
Hello friends

I want to change my cabinet (already have micro Intex)

i have many confusions. Below is some models and brands

Cooler master Elite 310 (3 120mm fans) normal budget (Top psu mount)
Cooler master Elite 372 (7 fans) (1 in bottom) (bottom psu mount)
Cooler master Force 500 (6 fans) (top psu mount)

Corsair spec 01 (5 fans, 2 140mm front) (bottom psu mount)

I am total confused because i am normal user, don't need overclocking. Elite 310 is my first choice.
these all cabinets are between 2500 to 3500 rupees in India.
what is deference between top and bottom mount psu
is Top psu harmful?
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Bottom mount, means better balance, the heavy weight is at the bottom, less likely to "fall over".
Generally, modern cases put PSU at the bottom because of the way it can also take air in from the bottom as well.

140mm are better - more air pushed and quieter in general