Question Airpods Pro or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2


Jan 26, 2014
Hello my friends, i need your help!
I want to buy new earbuds and i decided to go for a true wireless set.
So i am between Airpods Pro and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and i can't decide.
They will be paired with an Iphone and i already tried the Airpods Pro but i found them a bit quiet. I had the volume full but still if there was loud music in the room i could hear it. The sound quality was very good and also the Noise Cancellation feature was good although i saw in Youtube that Sennheiser's noise cancellation is better.
I don't know about the Sennheiser but i know that their products sound quality is very good from a previous experience. I am a music fan and i like a bass boosted sound.
I will appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.


The issue with hearing noise from the room is not the loudness of the headphones but how well they seal. You can buy replacement tips for them so they fit your ear better. Having full volume on in ear headphones is not a good idea, very easy to cause permanent damage to hearing, unless your hearing is already not sensitive and you need it loud to hear it properly. May also have been the max volume limit or a setting in the application you used for music.

Only person that can decide how things sound would be you after you try them. There is nothing else you can get from others past what you already seen in the reviews and videos you already looked at, except more of the same thing. Some reviews at Tomsguide,review-6160.html