Jul 18, 2003
I recently purchased all the components for a new system. I have as follows:
-Antec case with 430 watt True Power supply
-MSI K7N2-ILSR motherboard
-2x256k Kingston ValueRAM
-AMD Athlon XP 2500+ with Barton Core

For some reason, this exact combination prevents my system from booting. As some of you may know, the AIW Radeon 9700 Pro requires a direct connection to the power supply. When I plug this in, my computer will not turn on. However, if I don't make this connection, my computer will boot and will tell me that my video card was not connected to the supply. I have tried other combinations and they all worked, i.e. everything the same except motherboard, all same except power supply, etc... It just doesnt seem to all work together. Has anyone seen or heard of any such problems? Please help me. I have no idea what the problem could be... :'-(


Former Staff
It could be that the power connector you're using is maxed out, try a different one.

Specifically, some power connectors are likely branched from one set of wires comming out of the power supply, while others aren't. The more branches you have plugged into various devices, the more likely you are to overpower that set of wires.

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