AIW 9700 pro tv tuner help


Oct 10, 2003
I'm just curious what other peoples experiences with the tv tuner on this card are like... I've never had a PC tv tuner before, so I am not sure whether or not it's normal to have fuzzy reception all the time. It's almost like I'm watching tv through a bad antenna pick-up. Is this typical, or should the TV on my PC be crystal-clear like on my regular TV? I have all the latest drivers for both vid card and AGP slot, and have fiddled with all the software settings and cable connections... any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance!



Sep 15, 2003
I have the AIW 9700 pro. TV reception is fine on my monitor. There are a few channels that seem more grainy but over all its quite good to watch. It might be your reception or somthing else. I wonder if its got somthing to do with your monitor. as your eyes are only a few inches from a monitor and a few feet from a TV.

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