Question aiwa stereo av receiver (model no: AV-D58U) low volume issue


Nov 17, 2018
I recently got an aiwa stereo receiver from a good will and the night I tested it (july 7th) it worked just fine, all speakers worked except the sub woofer(no big deal) and the volume control knob worked as well. The next day(july 8th) I dusted it (the system was turned off) and as far as I can remember I didn't bump or bend anything. I tested the system a few hours later and the volume was low, I couldn't change the volume, and when I tried to change the volume I heard a pah sound when it changed between the volume levels. there was also some crackling coming form the system and I turned it off ASAP and when I checked there wasn't any smell or anything that looked damaged or burnt.

Is there anything that might have possibly gone wrong or something that might've gone bad or blown?


Considering that these charity places tend to get junk people are getting rid off often it is very likely your receiver is bad. It may be possible to fix but based on your question you are not likely to know how to do it (if you did you would have already looked at it and not asked here) and paying someone to fix it would be not cost effective vs buying another one.

If you want to check on it and you have some knowledge of replacing components, check the pot on the volume knob, look over the capacitors make sure they are all in good shape not puffy or cracked. Sometimes the transformer goes bad also, really need to do a bunch of testing with a voltmeter, there are quite a few videos out there on people repairing receivers.