AKG K702s vs K267

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Mar 10, 2013
So Ive been directed toward the K702s for my new headphones, but I can get a pair of the K267s for the same price. Which ones are better/ which are better/ oh god please help me. Thanks
There's also the important point of the K702 being an open headphone and the T267 being closed. With open, typically you get better soundstage. With closed, typically you get more bass. There are exceptions to those generalizations.

Open vs closed also matters for sound leakage. With the K702, you will hear everyone around you and everyone around you can hear your music.

And finally, the K702 really benefits from amplification. The K267 is relatively easier to drive with something like a smart phone or mp3 player.

That said, I have the K702 65th Anniversary Edition and like them very much. I've never listened to the K267.

BTW whichever you decide on, both are available for a short time on massdrop.com. The K7XX is a limited edition model pretty much identical to the K702 Anniversary Edition. From reviews, it has more bass than the standard K702... very similar to the K712. With massdrop, you will have to wait a bit to receive the headphone but if the deal is good enough it's worth it.

https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-x-massdrop-k7xx-limited-edition-ruby-red $200

https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-k267-tiesto-dj-headphones $130
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