Jun 1, 2011
I just wanted to post a thread saying that I recently bought a new computer to build myself.
I am running a;
8GB Corsair Vengance
GTX560-ti Hawk
OCZ Fatal1ty 750w
1TB F3
CM 692 Advanced
Lite-On Bly-Ray writer

When I first looked into building a computer from scrath I was scepticle to say the least, and I wondered if these things ever even worked. But after researching for ages I decided to give it a go. And THANK GOD it worked.

So if you are wondering weather or not to build a PC I say go for it and that they do actually work. Just do your research first and it should go off like a boss.

Just thought I would post this because before I built my one I had that question. Now I am playing Crysis at max settings.
Building a computer is quite easy these days, to be honest. It's very standardized now, so there's less room for error (unless you go cheapo on your parts). As long as you can understand basic electronics (how static works/kills components, why not to get thermal paste on circuits, etc) there's almost no way to not build a computer.

I built my first computer over a year ago after reading for ~a month about A) what would work together (CPU sockets, RAM timings) and B) what parts I should get. My dad used to build all of our computers when we were little (~10 years ago), and he had helped my cousin with a few Windows 3.1 builds back in the day. Most of his computers crashed for no reason (hard drives liked to completely fail), so he switched to a Mac and hasn't had a problem since. I, on the other hand, upgrade every few months... ;)