Question 'Alert! Memory failure detected in DIMM 1' (12gb installed 4gb usable) Dell Precision T3500

Sep 29, 2021
Good afternoon,
I have been experiencing issues with memory in my DELL precision T3500.
The first indicator of an issue was an alert that first popped up when I powered on my PC (accompanied by a bleep). The night before, I had installed a GTX 1660 Super as an upgrade from a 1050 Ti, so I'm wondering if this (in any way) is related to this memory failure. Initially, windows booted flawlessly with all RAM working, but the next time I booted my PC (about 12 hours later) I had the alert.

The message read, 'Alert! Memory failure detected in DIMM 1'
'Alert! Non-optimal memory population detected. To maximize performance, populate DIMMSs as specified in the service manual.'

What I've tried so far:
  • Reseating all 6 RAM modules
  • Installing old GPU (to rule out new GPU causing the issue)
  • Cleaning all DIMM slots with compressed air and cleaning RAM modules with compressed air and a pencil eraser
  • Replacing CMOS battery, and changed some BIOS settings
PC boots as normal except I get an alert about the memory failure in DIMM 1 ,
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated, as always.
Thanks for your time


Boot without dimm1 populated. Boot with only dimm1 populated. Swap sticks. Make sure they are fully seated.

I can't see a gpu swap causing a ram issue unless you hit the ram on removal. Which would be difficult with that configuration.