Question Algo Trading/video editing/ heavy multitasking Pc

May 2, 2021
Hello dear friends

I will spend 14 hours on my PC multitasking. My tasks will include backtesting of data and possibly making software. I also will do video editing and put videos on youtube, and do heavy multitasking as I am running a website.

I have Gtx 950. I don't want to get a new GPU as I won't be gaming right now. I was confused with the processor. Will the top tier ones save my time considerably? Is it a good investment? Time is money for me.
Also, I will put videos in 1080p. So I am assuming 16GB ram is okay at 3200 MHz, Will 32 benefit in any way? Is a cheap motherboard fine, or need expensive? Also, with high end and Ryzen, do I not need to buy a CPU cooler?

I don't want pc to hang and save time. Want to see the cost to reward ratio.

I want to build a good machine that will give me a good experience as I am going to use my computer a lot. So kindly please give your valuable insights or any tips on this.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Time is money for me.
In the world of tech, newer hardware will always mean doing yesterday's tasks faster today, so to speak. You didn't mention the apps you'll be tasking the system with...since each app will need a specific set of hardware or maybe a range of hardware to work optimally. TheGTX950 might not cut it with video editing tasks but that's my assumption since rendering bad quality videos is still video rendering tasks. Higher quality videos will demand more from your system.

You might want to follow through this guide and stylize your thread with more info.