News Alibaba Unveils Open Source RISC-V CPU Amid US-China Trade War


Lucian, you're slipping! Get it together, man. You're one of my favorite tech reporters.

Alibaba Unveils Open Source RISC-V CPU
I'm sure that's not what they announced, but the Nikkei article doesn't get it exactly right, either. Certainly, their CPU design is a proprietary, closed-source implementation of the open-source RISC-V ISA. Massive difference.

The companies that have already licensed the Armv8 ISA from Arm should also be able to design their own processors on top of the ISA for a long time,
No, it shouldn't be a blanket-license. I'm pretty sure the license is tied to a specific silicon implementation.

However, you also need support and software packages from ARM. For instance firmware, microcode, device drivers, GPU libraries, etc. These services were abrupt cut off, when the US first banned US businesses from working with them. Then, it got backed off to 90 day sunset (though I don't know if that's still where it stands). But, that surely got Huawei's attention!

RISC-V offers other significant advantages over Arm
And first among these should be no royalty payments!

Nvidia has also started to design its own RISC-V microcontroller for GeForce graphics cards,
Or, in a more recent (and interesting) project:

I remembered reading it, but it's also the 3rd hit I get, when searching the site for RISC-V!