News Alienware’s New 25-inch Gaming Monitor Cracks 500 Hz


Jun 8, 2011
This is stupid. Look into better tech like HDR, better color accuracy and gamut, pixel pitch, freesync, etc. 240hz that HDMI 2.1 offers is more is enough for anybody. I'm 100% satisfied when I can get my 3090 to reach 120fps on my screen. 500hz is ridiculous, and if you think you need that, maybe re-think what gaming is and try to find hobbies in real life that don't involve electronics.
full HD lolz who uses that anymore, bar esports csgo players.
decent 120hz 8k is what i need.
1080p is still by far the most popular resolution. This monitor is obviously targeted at esports.

As for 8k 120Hz, we don’t have gpu’s to make that a reality. 4K 120+ is only recently a reality in ‘most’ modern AAA games. Also the complete lack of 8k content seems to be driving TV manufacturers away. I read TLC have dropped 8k completely and other manufacturers seem to be reducing their 8k lineups this generation. 8k could be the next 3D for TV’s. If there is no content apart from games then it seems too niche to have a future.
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