Question Alienware 14 with a charging issue.


Sep 14, 2011
So this Alienware has started a thing where a message pops up saying "Your battery is very low, plug in your PC" or whatever. The plug is VERY loose so I open it up to find Alienware was very clever. Rather than solder a plug RIGHT to the MB they have a cable that goes to a little free floating barrel socket so that when the plug is wiggled or bent you aren't breaking the thing RIGHT off the MB. Assuming that this must have a short I ordered a new one for under 10 bucks and put it in. Still the same thing happens. I also have 2 power bricks for this so I try both, nothing. No matter how I wiggle the plug it does this over and over and over..... message pops up it looses the charger, then a few seconds later it FINDS it again, the message goes away and it resumes charging..... for a few seconds, lather rinse repeat. Anyone have any ideas what's causing this? Is this a weird MB issue that really has nothing to DO with the plug? Did years of wiggling the plug finally translate up THRU the cable to the MB somehow? Am I not wearing the right color socks?

Thank you!

P.S.S. - Battery is less than a year old too.