Alienware 15 R3 GTX 1070 (mobile/laptop) Error Code 43, 0000002B

Milton Gerds

Dec 17, 2013
So I just got my laptop back from services today. I had a problem with the bios before so they replaced the motherboard completely and it had a 1060 in it. But now it has a 1070 in it.. The problem is it's saying Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). All my files are on the computer still so I don't know if its getting interference with the other drivers or what so I removed all nvidia drivers and everything from nvidia, clean installed the drivers... still the same issue. I flashed the bios to the newest version, still same thing. I really don't want to send this back into services since I waited a month to get it back and I need it for work.

*UPDATE* *I've noticed when it's signing into windows it makes a noise like something is connecting to the computer but then it sounds like it disconnects* - I'm not sure if that is correlated but it might be.


1| If you can get into Safe Mode, I highly suggest that you backup all critical files onto a removable storage device.

2| If you're on the latest BIOS update for your laptop's motherboard, I'd advise in recreating your bootable installer for your OS(Assuming Windows 10 with Windows Media Creation Tools) and reinstall your OS.

3| You can work your way up from there by installing the latest chipset and MEI drivers and then the GPU drivers manually. Always run the installer in an elevated command, i.e. Right click installer>Run as Administrator.