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Question Alienware 17 R3 from 2016. Fastest setup speed - BIOS settings

Jul 8, 2020
Hello. If I could please receive a bit of help on this topic I would really appreciate it.

I purchased an Alienware 17 R3 in June of 2016. It came with a Samsung PM951 NVMe SSD 256Gb. Ever since I performed my first fresh-reinstall of Windows 10 Pro, this laptop that used to start up in mere seconds, now is very sluggish upon powering up.

I have gone through the process of installing all the recent drivers obviously, in the correct order according to Dell.com's support section of drivers. So my question is if anyone knows a 'fastest possible BIOS setting,' arrangement that I could use? My 'SATA Operation,' under the 'Advanced Tab,' is currently set to [RAID]. Should it be [AHCI]? Under the 'Boot Tab,' the Boot List Option is [UEFI] and LOAD Legacy Option Rom is [Disabled].

My current Boot Option Priorities is as follows:

Boot Option #1 WIndows Boot Manager

Boot Option #2 Onboard NIC (IPV4)]

Boot Opton # 3 Onboard NIC (IPV6)],

Lastly, should I enable 'Fan Performance Mode,' when I have CPU Performance Mode enabled with Core Over Clocking Level set to [OC LV 1]?

A big thanks to all those that contribute!