Alienware area 51, r1 Fan Control Unit Problems.

Raffi Kurbessoian

Apr 19, 2013
Hi, I am trying to help a friend out. He has an Alienware Area 51 desktop. We decided that it was due for an upgrade, so we went ahead and changed the motherboard cpu etc.
Now the Alienware area 51, uses a custom fan control unit board, which is linked to a motorized vent controller. We want to get both of the Vents and Fans working comfortably, BUT I feel like we forgot to connect a cable or something for the computer to communicate with the control unit.

Alienware command center does not find it, Alienware FX does not find it. If anyone has any information about what line/what form of data the fan control unit uses, please pass them my way, so I can get it running again.

For further infromation, we moved from an i7 alienware default, to MSI AM4 470x. We also had a limited amount of sata ports, seeing how the default motherboard had about 10 sata ports, and this msi one has 6. IF its communication is based off of a sata port, we can free up space no problem.

Thank you.

PS: I would like to ask you guys not to post anything about "Alienware is trash" We know.