Question Alienware Area 51M laptop FPS drops in half on all games after a few minutes of playing


Sep 30, 2020
Hi All,

My Alienware Area51M laptop has been experiencing FPS drops upon starting the any game up. The FPS starts as it should, however, after 5 minutes of play, the FPS drops then goes back to normal again. The FPS will drop and go back to normal in 3-5 minute cycles. During these events, the temperatures on all my hardware is within normal limits. Normally CPU usage on the games that I'm playing is 10-20%. When the FPS drops occur, the usage drops to 5-8%. All of the games were running at steady FPS before a month ago. The laptop is around three years old and I regularly repaste and dust the inside with the most recent repaste and dust being 2 months ago.

Games that I play where this occurs - Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact, and Valheim.

Things I've Tried - Reset and reformat laptop, scan for malware, update drivers(GPU, display, and sound), Disable game dvr, disable xbox game bar, disable turbo boost,

User benchmark with specs while idle:
Alienware Area-51m Performance Results - UserBenchmark