News Alienware Aurora R15 Gets 13th Gen Intel, RTX 40-Series, Better Cooling


Jul 13, 2020
At this point, I don't believe anything coming from Alienware. They BS'd their way with the R13/14 and promised so many things and we later found out thanks to Gamers Nexus, that redesign was worse than the previous generation, including a proprietary power supply. So you either have to buy an extended warranty or send the PSU off for repair to a 3rd party facility because Alienware is not going to sell you one.

The R10/11/12 also showed air vents on the side indicating it was sucking in air. It turns out they were cosmetic and air wasn't getting sucked in from the sides.

Alienware/Dell is downright cheap and lazy. The only way I would buy a system from them is if it was at least 50% off and you are still being ripped off..
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