Question Alienware Aurora R4 6 beeps issue and recovery

Nov 19, 2021
I have an Aurora R4 for several years and yesterday it died. According to another question asked on the internet 6 beeps means a graphics card problem. I had a Nvidia GTX 660 TI installed and I followed the owners manual and took it it and then reseated it in its PCIe slot at the top. 6 beeps again so I went on ebay and brought a replacement from a highly rated seller (I checked the ratings and return policy of the seller and it has the seller paying for any returns) to see if the card is bad. It will arrive next week. I hope the top PCIe slot is not damaged somehow.
I also looked on youtube and there is an interesting video from alienwarenut (
) that looks promising but I worry that switching the GTX 660 to the middle PCIe slot and moving the USB 3 and soundcard expansion cards I have installed to different slots (since the GTX660 TI takes up two slot space) would cause Windows 7 to determine drastic hardware changes happened. I remember reading that Windows 7 deciding a drastic hardware change could brick the current instance of Windows you installed. Would changing the slot placement (top slot to bottom) from GTX 660 - USB3- Soundcard to a new order of Soundcard - USB3 -GTX cause Windows 7 to brick itself? I am using a backup computer to type this and find this situation very stressful not just because of having to wait days to get the replacement graphics but also because a possible solution of changing card order could brick Windows 7. This is wordy but I am trying to convey as much information as possible to reduce and possibly remove the need for further clarification from responders.