Alienware Aurora R4 Powersupply 'can't be replaced' - is the store trying to rip me off?


Feb 3, 2018
Hi everyone,

First off, sorry if I say something stupid. I'm probably not as experienced as most of you are.

I recently took my PC in to be repaired and they said that the issue was that the powersupply was losing power intermittently. There was a brief note at the end that I might consider buying a new pc, and that bothers me - I really don't think the issue is so bad that I need a new PC altogether. I could be wrong, but apparently my motherboard, ram, graphics card, CPU, hard drive etc. are all fine and I'm just really not in a position to drop a couple of thousand dollars for a new machine right now.

Basically, I'm afraid they're trying to swindle me into buying a new PC, and I'd like to go in with some knowledge. I've emailed them to ask if I can just buy a new power supply and have them replace it, but I'd like to be prepared for pushback. They did say that they had some issue running diagnostics as I have a unique power supply and motherboard.

I called the service line and they said that it would not be possible to replace because it has a 'unique' power supply. I tried to ask what the issue was - physical dimensions, mounting, connectors - but it seems the poor customer service girl isn't the technician so I can't really press her for that info. The 'unique system' thing sounds a little bit like an excuse. They seem to really be pushing for me to buy a new system, which sounds like bull to me. The customer service girl told me I could come pick it up (which would mean paying the repair fee, when it hasn't been repaired) but I really don't want to do that now, since once I pick it up the repair is 'done' and the repair cost is supposed to include the cost of installing any new parts (like the power supply). Planning on going in person to speak to the technician and make him explain to me why it's apparently 'impossible' to replace the PSU.

Basically, I'd like to know:

  • ■ Does the r4 have a proprietary powersupply? If so, this could explain why it is hard to upgrade.
    ■ Have R4 owners been able to upgrade or replace their power supply in the past?
    ■ Does it sound like the store is trying to swindle me/ doesn't know what they're doing?
    ■ If anyone has upgraded their powersupply, would you be able to suggest what to upgrade it to?
Thank you in advance :)