Question Alienware Aurora R6 troubles with Gskill TridentZ 3200mhz RAM

May 17, 2020
A while ago I bought the 3200mhz ram listed above, and as I installed it, I learned that 2667 mhz was the fastest speed achievable with the stock motherboard that came with the aurora r6. I wasn't too annoyed by this because it ran good in the games I played and I was overall satisfied with the upgrade. Today I factory restored my aurora r6 and it reset all of the previous optimizations I had done to my ram through Intel xtreme tuning utility. I thought if i reinstalled intel XTU that I would be able to achieve the same results, but to my surprise, the memory adjustment tab is gone from the application, meaning I cannot change my RAM speed. At first I tried to enable XMP1 through BIOS but it caused my PC to not post. I read somewhere that XMP2 has the ram speeds that I need but XMP2 doesnt appear in BIOS, only XMP1. I found out that my pc doesnt post when I turn XMP1 because it tries to run at 3200mhz when it obviously can't. I just had to clear my CMOS.

I am wondering if there is anything I can do other than just buying a new motherboard, because I fixed this problem before.
Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.