Alienware Aurora


Mar 18, 2012
Hello, first time poster here..

I recently was credited 1500$ from Dell and decided to buy an Aurora.

Now I know with 1500$ cash I could of got a much better system, but the one year same as cash credit just fit my needs better at his moment.


Intel Core i7-3820 (Quad Core, 10MB Cache) Overclocked up to 4.1GHz
8GB Quad Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz
1.25GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
1TB SATA 6Gb/s (7,200RPM) 32MB Cache
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Few questions..

1: How much did I overpay?
2: Seeing how it was nothing out of pocket up front, was it worth it? (Your opinion only)
3: How you figure BF3, Skyrim and Guild wars 2 will run on this rig?

In closing I would like to say that I stumbled on this site by accident, and have been engulfed in it since. Looking forward to more constructive conversation.



Feb 28, 2012
1: Probably a lot. it's hard to say because i don't know what motherboard or psu you have. With my experience with Dell/Alienware in the computer repair business, the motherboard and psu are probably not high quality. for example, on newegg i built a pc with the specs above and filled in the gaps with good parts for around $1300, and i threw in an SSD.

2. In my opinion, this computer has a lot more CPU than GPU, so if you are planning on using this for gaming, consider upgrading the GPU and downgrading the CPU to make a more balanced rig. Also, it's hard to put a price on a warranty, so really the ultimate measure of worth is when you get it and whether or not YOU are happy with what you got for what you paid. I prefer to build my own, but i'm not about to knock you if that's not your thing.

3. BF3 should run on High settings (or maybe ultra with AA off). Skryim should run on Ultra with some AA with the newest driver updates. Guild Wars 2 should run on ultra. These are just estimates based on benchmarks and my own experience with skyrim. I don't have BF3 and GW2 isn't out yet.

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