Apr 11, 2009
Hey guys, quick question. I'm upgrading my hardware and I have this case:

I am adding a Plexi glass window on the left side, and I want to add some kind of blow hole on the top. Thing is the plastic is a bit curved. Anyone have any ideas how I can make a nice looking vent on the top?




Apr 14, 2009
I work with a machine that is more than capable of producing a circle in the centre of the top panel (or in your desired position). I'm an apprentice engineering student, and i've built one case in the past which worked brilliantly. That case was built before I had access to the tools I now do. (back then I used nothing more than a drill, jigsaw, and screwdriver) to produce this. Now I am designing a new case. 100% personalised, and brand spankin' new. Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, and secret ingrediants.

Enough about my ideas.

Depending on where you live will depend if you have access to the machine I do. What you'll need to do is find someone who knows their way around the industry and see if you can locate either one of these machines.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutter (I use this, and it's tolerance of cut {for a good operator} is 0.01mm. which is less than 0.0001" (thousandths of an inch) for any material up to 170mm/6.25" thick. (this machine is featured on 'American Chopper')

The other machine is:

A laser cutter. I don't use this. But the technology is capable of prudicing just as good a finish as the waterjet.

The only other option (if you don't want to spend any money) is find a friend who has a jigsaw and a drill big enough to fit the jigsaw blade through it.

NB: For use of a jigsaw. USE OIL/grease!!! Cooking/Canola/Virgin oil is fine. Use thick, NON flamable oil for the best effect. (an industrial cutting fluid is available at any local hardware store) Also, use a FINE TOOTH-PITCH BLADE. (i.e: the closer the teeth are to eachother, the better) and finish the cut with a file... Same as the jigsaw blade, make sure it's a fine pitch file. you don't want to mutulate your case. Especially one as nice as that.

After this long (but hopefully helpful) post, the choice is yours. But think. How good do you want it to look? If perfect, go to the industry. If not, the jigsaw.

One last note. If you are going to use the jigsaw, then I personally recommend getting a thin piece of steel and practising on that FIRST. Don't see how good (or bad) you are on your good case!

Hope I've been a help and not too boring. Good luck with your case. If you have any further queries, reply to this thread and i'll check it as often as possible.

Happy computing.