News Alienware m17 Gets Big Drop on Dell ($1,499)


Jul 15, 2011
This is not a deal!

The "HDD" is a standard disk, not SSD, and if you choose to go for a single SSD, they will only let you use a 1TB and will charge you an ADDITIONAL $300 for a part that is only $150. Also comes with Windows Home and Pro would be again an ADDITIONAL $60 which puts this at $2000 which is a standard price for a build like this.

So NO, this is not a deal, they have selectively modified the equipment to make it appear its a deal.


It's a good price, I would buy it it if the screen were more than 60hz. But it's not, so no go for me.

Since the HDD is not the main drive(it also has a 256gb M.2 SSD for main drive). You can easily swap the secondary HDD for a SSD at a minimal cost, for like $120 on your own. It'll take less than 5 minutes. Don't even have to clone the original since it's a secondary drive which is typically blank. Just plop it in, and format from windows which is booted on the 256GB M.2 drive.
No thanks. That's good but Alienware is usually overpriced and I'm not a fan of Dell(Alien's Daddy). I wouldn't go as far as Dantee because the M17 has what newer gamers want, fast OS drive(M.2), quick navigation, 1TB platter based drive for storage and other games and 16GB RAM. The 256GBM.2 is not big enough for your enthusiast gamer who may want that to be a 1TB SSD so that they can shorten game load times and they can have a central library.

When is a sale in fact a threat to the consumers? Buy this now because we are raising the price soon. $850 off??? HA! Just blatantly lie to those who know and sucker those who don't.