Question Alienware m17 R3, can the I7 10750H be delidded and have thermal grizzly applied?

Nov 21, 2020
Hello, I'm writing to see if anyone knows to start off with, if you can delid the I7 10750H in an Alienware laptop. I've seen multiple delid kits sold, but none list compatability with my cpu specifically. Secondly, is liquid metal safe with this cpu if so? I wasn't sure on the ihs material.

Total system specs: Alienware m17 R3, 4k 60hz display, I7 10750H cpu, rtx 2070 super gpu, 16gb ram, 1tb raid 0 ssd setup.

Why do I want to use liquid metal over thermal paste? Well I've already used throttlestop to apply a -145mv undervolt to my laptop, it's on max fan mode, and it's on a cool lifted up pad all to try to lower temps. My cpu is still spiking upwards of 90-100, even reached 104C. I've benchmarked (heaven, 3d mark), and tested temps with ARK, and Mortal Kombat 11. Temps and statistics viewed via HW Monitor pro, cpuz, and alienwarecc.
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