Question Alienware m17x CPU DED?

Dec 14, 2018
Hi, I have a problem with the Dell alienware m17x laptop. The case looked like a colleague when using 2/3 minutes complained about resetting the laptop and popping bluescreen. So I took a laptop from him and the first thing I checked was the temperature on the processor. After 30 seconds of loading the program turned off because it reached 87 degrees. I thought I already knew the cause and so I took for the replacement of the paste, I noticed that there was a good patch of paste "someone just gave it too much" the paste was spilled almost on the whole processor. The first thing I did was clean the whole processor with the ear stick, then I smeared the processor with a cheaper paste, the pad did not turn on, each attempt ended with the second keypad light on and off. So I started it again, cleaned it and put it on again this time with success. The laptop turned on but as I mentioned the paste is something for PLN 7 so some mega improvement in temperature was not so I ordered the Arctica MX-2, lubricated and so far the laptop does not go on, the same problem as before. I also tried the same without a frame The only solution here is to turn on your processorless cradle, then all the windmills keyboard and the rest are working normally but you hear a 7x beep "processor error"

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Fan without and with a processor are spinning for one second
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Sep 18, 2013
Hmm, you mentioned that some of the paste was spilled over? Do you know exactly what kind of thermal paste it was? Some thermal paste is conductive and some arent. Even if it's not it's possible that it could also be capacitive. It seems like there might have been some kind of short that might have occurred which is also causing your erratic start up afterwards.
You might want to contact the alienware manufacturer if you're still within warranty. Or try to clean it up extremely well and then let it rest for about 30 minutes and try to apply a thin film and hope for the best, Good luck!