Alienware m17x replaceable hardware?


May 19, 2012
I've been having some issues playing games on my m1x7 recently. After playing a bit, my m17x will just shut off. No blue screen, no restart, it just simply turns off. I brought it to a local PC place for a diagnostic, and they told me that my computer's CPU and/or GPU failed the "stress test". I asked them what my options were, and they basically told me that I didn't have any.
Fast forward a few days, and someone I was talking to at work told me that he thinks the hardware is replaceable. He referred me to this website, and told me that you guys were the best.
Can I repair it? If I can, where do I get parts for it?

I'd say Mcnupty is correct. You should be able to feel hot air exiting the side of the case if your fan is working. If the fan has failed, you can keep a sembalance of life by using a laptop cooler although replacement of the fan would be a better option. This video is seemingly thorough on how to disassemble your laptop
You can replace almost all parts within a laptop, usually with identical parts (few upgrade options). Parts (including fans) are available here
Good luck