Alienware mulfunction



I hope you good time , my alienware pc stop working , I have been told that the hard drive is broken , so I removed the hard drive to buy new one but I can't , then I install the hard drive in my pc ,what happen that the laptop screen was black without any information or lighting, when I removed the screen was displaying information indicating that no operating system is found , but now nothinG apear on the screen .
many thanks
If the new hardrive isn't formated yet, try using the manufacturer's software to prep it. You can also remove the motherboard battery (while the system is off) to reset the bios. Then carefully reinstall. Sometimes this will kick start the system. This software is usually included in the retail boxed versions, but you can also download it for free and burn a copy. They work as boot devices. I use maxblast 5 for maxtor or seagate drives. Other brands have similar software. The maxblast 5 also permits you to make a drive to drive (clone) copy, saving lots of time.