Alienware Refreshing Aurora, Area 51 with New Nvidia and AMD Graphics

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Kenneth Barker

Aug 17, 2015
AMD cards? If there is anything to include it would be the underwhelming 1 year old cards. Hardly new, or worth buying today. And if AMD does announce new cards (600 series or new Vega cards) soon completely surprising people. It will be the same story as it will likely be a rebrand and nothing new other than trying to trick uneducated buyers into thinking its something new and upgrade worthy.

AMD has already made it pretty clear that nothing new from RTG will come out until mid next year. Since Nvidia has now launched new cards, eyes might shift towards AMD to see how they react. I think many were surprised by what this new series and tech even is. It is hardly understood as to what it really means yet, and I have a hard time believing AMD has anything even remotely close to being able to compete with the complete rework of the turing arch. I am not saying that it is going to do anything special... only time will tell us that, but it is certainly very, very different with a whole heck of a lot of potential. If AMD was building GPUs with a more traditional, or God forbid another GCN arch, then AMD may be in a weird spot if it turns out Nvidia's Turing actually does some amazing things.


Jan 30, 2017
AMD makes its bread and butter now off of solid performing mid-range cards, I would be ok with an AMD RX 680 with 8GB GDDR6 based on VEGA architecture. That would be a solid performing card. Would it blow NVIDIA out of the water? No... Would it compete with the GTX 2060, probably. Plus FreeSync monitors and now TVs are a heck of a lot more accessible to the average budget-minded consumer.
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