Alienware x51 r3 not booting, loud fans

Nov 30, 2018
Hey folks. I have looked in the these forums to find the issue that i cant seem to find so here is my issue.

I have an
-Alienware x51 R3
-Gtx 960 card
-external 330 w power supply

So a few days my PC crashed in the middle of a game and powered off. When i tried rebooting the white power light turns on and the 2 fans inside go full blast and are really loud. The PC does not boot up and fans just keep running full blast. Called Dell support and did a few minor things with them and guy told me to send it in and they will replace motherboard for a fee. So went online did everything that was suggested. took it apart, cleaned it, did a CMOS reset, unhooked anything that was connected and it still does the same thing
I noticed that when I unplug the video card it seems to boot up properly fans run smooth and alienware logo and lights on tower all power on. As soon as i plug the card back in all light go off and fans go full blast again.
At this point i cant figure out if its the video card, the motherboard or the power supply. i bought the PC 2 years ago and never had had one single problem

Any ideas?
Thanks Lee