Question Align mouse movement between different size monitors

I just upgraded my monitor setup. Before, I had two identical 1080p 60Hz 22 inch monitors, so the lined up properly. I just bought my first "Gaming" Monitor, which is a 1080p 144Hz 24 inch.

They line up properly at the bottom, but not the top. For example, If I move the mouse between the two screens, at the bottom, it moves like I would expect/want. However, If I move the mouse across the bezel, say, near the middle, the mouse will go from the middle of one, to the middle of the other, but in reality, because of the physical size difference, The mouse cursor jumps down. I was wondering If there is a way to adjust how Windows sees the monitors, so that they scale properly when images are across them both.

Sorry for the poor wording, I wasnt sure how to describe my issue by words.