Question All fans running (cpu, vcard) , no keyboard/mouse lights, no beeps

Mar 8, 2019
Hi! First of all thanks for reading this concern. I have a B85 asus, i5-4460 and gtx 1060

So it's my first time upgrading from a stock fan and my old 750 card. I just read the manual to install everything (I literally took 5-7hrs to get it working ). I unplugged everything on my mobo not knowing I can remove the back part of the case (lesson learned) so this is the previous issue I had. Same thing, no beep, no display but fans running. So I checked here at Tom's to just reseat the cpu to mobo and it worked! So everything is good, drivers installed and been testing games for the difference on my old vcard then suddenly i noticed only 1 ram is working. I turned off the pc and cleaned ram with alcohol, let it dry and boom, the issue happens. Tried unplugging and pressing power for 30 secs, switched different ram ports, nothing. Thanks again!