Question All Fans Running NO Display


Apr 22, 2018
Hi there,
So I have a 3rd gen i7 3770 paired with a zotac blower edition gtx 10606gb.
What happened is that I did not use my pc for about 2 weeks or more. Something that might be helpful to troubleshoot is that last time I used my pc what happened was that I got cmos battery failure error and it used to come for almost every time I turned on the pc but then my pc would shutdown and bootup again ok. One day my pc wasnt giving display but all the fans were up and running. I changed the cmos battery and it was fine again. Then I didn't use the pc for some time like I said and when today I thought of cable managing it a bit so whay I did was that I pulled out all the cables, did my thing and when I tried to turn it on, all the fans of psu gpu cpu were running, motherboard lights were on but no sign of display on my monitor. Like zero display from get go, not even the mobo logo. Now I know this seems to be the same as the earlier cmos issue but this time I have a different cmos battery and I also unplugged and plugged all the cables too. Bear in mind that I used cmos battery that I pulled from another oem motherboard. I unplugged and plugged the cmos battery multiple time but no sign. It can be the same issue but I have a feeling it is not. I will tell u guys if it is the same issue hopefully (or not) after I buy a cmos battery from the store but can U guys tell if there is anyother issue too? Your help will be so so so nice because I am worried and get a lot of anxiety when my pc doesnt work as I have faced some small issues but they were heart stopping for me.
One last thing is that I dont think that it is a ram slot or gpu slot dust issue because if there is a similar issue I get beep warnings.

Edit: Changed the cmos battery, still same thing. Not fixed.
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