Question All fans spin then stop. Mobo doesn’t light up

Apr 21, 2021
Please help. I’m happy to answer any questions if I’m missing something from my post.
My Build:

I built my pc a few days ago, and it booted up first try showing BIOS. I installed windows and was happy with my build. I go to sleep, and when I wake up I start up my pc and everything is fine. Play a few games, get up to make coffee and come back to a turned off pc. Here’s the issue:

I press the power button, and all fans start spinning (CPU, GPU, Case Fans) but there’s no light on the mobo. After researching I did the following in this order:

1. Paper clip test on my PSU. The fan did not start moving (Due to some more research people say the fan will only move once fully booted so I continued troubleshooting)

2. Unplugged all wiring and plugged back in to insure connections. Also made sure the mobo was not touching the case

3. Removed GPU and attempted to start up with only Mobo, but again fans spin for half second then stop and mobo lights don’t do anything.

4. With GPU still unplugged I reseated the RAM, did 1 RAM only in the first slot used according to my Mobo. Then repeated process while GPU was installed. Again, every time the connected components fans will spin for that split second but no light. No sound. Nothing

5. Checked the power button wiring. Removed the Reset Switch plug hoping it may have been faulty, but no dice.

Also theres only 1 switch on my PSU so it’s not off. I did use a surge protector.

No idea what to do.. I’m guessing it’s my PSU, but nearly all components are brand new. Only used is GPU and when I had the PC up and running before this happened everything was working fine... please help me. I’m happy to post pictures or videos or answer any questions.